A Guide To Matching Prints And Colours For Men’s Outfits

Men’s clothing has become more diverse and interesting throughout the years and has evolved with older fashion trends and styles coming around again. A variety of prints and patterned clothing items and accessories can be combined quite well to create a stylish, effortless look. The most popular patterns usually include plaid, gingham or checks, stripes, dots and hounds tooth. A variety of bold prints are also preferred when combined with neutral or classic colours.

Try Out Different Styles

If you are stuck for ideas, look at style blogs or fashion websites just to get an idea of what would look good. Experimenting with your style can really help you find out what your style preferences are. Neutral and classic colours can be matched quite easily with each other and with a variety of prints or patterns too. Of course certain colours complement some skin tones and hair colours much better than others – and can even enhance your physical or facial features too.

Play With Accesories

Pairing simple patterns with a bold or classic accessory will work well and easily make a simple outfit standout with a few well-placed accessories. While you can go shopping to a well-known retail outlet, do check out some excellent online stores where to get better prices for certain items and consider a wider variety. For example, you can buy cufflinks online and even watches or scarves that have unique designs. Some items can be matched with almost anything, such as a simple watch with a leather strap or a black leather belt.

Select What Looks Good

Clothing items and accessories when matched well can look great. Depending on your physical features and frame, some items can enhance your best features quite well. Various colours, prints or patterns can make someone’s best features stand out and make them look completely different than usual. Try to get out your comfort zone once in a way, for example if you wear printed ties with a black suit for formal events, try wearing silk bow ties or even well-cut suit of a different colour.

Experiment With Prints And Patterns

Before rushing off to make a purchase, always try something on when you are not sure whether it will look good – especially when it comes to bold prints. You can’t do much wrong with pinstripes shirts or clothing items with simple patterns, but it’s always better to make sure that the colours don’t clash with each other. However, expressing your own style and being comfortable with what you wear is ultimately more important.