Boho-Chic – What’s It All About?

Fashion is certainly not one to be held down by old rules or conventions – it finds inspiration in the weirdest places imaginable and is unrestrained, in a way enough to change social norms of the world significantly. With how fast fashion trends and styles changed, it is certainly nothing too much surprising to see how far clothes have made it since the earliest of times.

One clear example of fashion reversing social norms and beliefs is the rising popularity of bohemian style clothing Australia. What started as a type of clothing frowned upon by society has nowadays become a widely accepted fashion style and sense, with many fashion brands even focusing uniquely on the bohemian style. The bohemian fashion, also known as boho-chic or boho in more recent and popular terms, finds its roots in the latter half of the twentieth century, or in the 1960s and 1970s to be more precise. The term itself – bohemian – carries the meaning of ‘unconventional’ or ‘unorthodox’.

Bohemian fashion started out from the hippie movement of the late twentieth century. It was originally a result of the clothes poor men like nomads and financially troubled artists could only afford – hence the largely mismatched outfits. It emulates the hippie fashion sense, with a hint of the Roman Era’s fashion sense also mixed in, and draws from the vibes of romanticism and nature as well. 

In short, bohemian fashion is about being bold and expressive. It usually consists of bold colours, loud patterns and prints, with clothes being worn in layers and baggily. In fact, contrary to the more quiet and body-hugging styles popular nowadays, bohemian fashion is a nudge to past fashion trends in how it consists of loose-fitting clothes with loud designs and colours which attract attention. Similarly attracting attention are the accessories donned in bohemian fashion – they are equally loud, standalone pieces. Large scarves, hats, sunglasses and handbags (like some oversized Status Anxiety handbags), and chunky types of large jewellery are commonly used. Material-wise, accessories usually consist of natural materials like wood, to give off an earthy vibe as well as a feeling of nature; nonetheless, they do still incorporate loud, unnatural colours at times too. Look at here now if you are looking for status anxiety handbags.

Also, contrary to popular belief, bohemian fashion is not restricted to the fairer sex – although much less popular and unnoticed, bohemian fashion is also geared towards men. Men can also be seen donning loose fitting clothing, such as large sweaters and vests, as well as flared pants. The accessories are however, the most obvious feature in men’s bohemian fashion – they are also large, colourful and worn in large numbers.