Dressing Your Little One For A Special Occasion

One would assume that one of the greatest things about having your own little bundle of joy is the dressing up. This is particularly fun if you have a little girl. Reality, unfortunately, soon intervenes and you may realize that it is not so easy to dress up your child. They are probably going to have their own sense of… style. This means that there are not going to want to wear what you have picked out for them.

Of course you still need to dress up your fussy fashionistas for special occasions. This means picking out an outfit for a boy or lace dresses for girl. Here are some of the strategies that you can use: 

Stylish and Comfy

In order to placate your child, you are going to need to find something stylish yet comfortable. This means sticking to comfortable materials such as cotton or comfortable dresses for girl. For boys you should choose pants and shirts that do not itch. You should also limit the number additional wear such as blazers or cardigans that you put on your child. Your little one is going to want to take them off almost immediately. You should also keep the weather in mind when picking out what to wear. 


As you are keeping the outfit simple, this gives you the opportunity to accessorize. For your little boy, you can dress him up in little suspenders or a vest to add that extra touch of cuteness. You can even through in a small Fedora if he is willing to wear it. For girls you can choose jewellery to liven up an outfit. You can also add little baubles or headbands to their hair. You may want to keep the hairstylessimple as your daughter may decide to tug them off if they are too cumbersome. Fancy shoes make a great addition to an outfit as well. You should make sure they are extremely comfortable or they will not last long on your children’s feet. 

Bring Back Up

As with all other occasions, you are going to need to be prepared for spills and accidents. This means keeping another set of clothes on hand in case something happens. While it will probably not be as nice as the first outfit, you should pack another nice set of clothes. Depending on the time as well as how long the event will go on for, you should also consider pyjamas. This way you can swap the party clothes for something more comfy when the kids get tired.

These tips should help your little one to look gorgeous on the special day. It is all about finding a compromise between the parents and the children.