How To Create Your Personal Fashion Style?

Each of us is unique and has an individual style. It represents what your personality is like. But it can be a bit hard to figure out what clothing items and accessories you should wear. You may have a wardrobe with clothing that are of different styles. It might take a long time for you to decide what to wear for an occasion whether it’s for a graduation, office party, a friend’s birthday, anniversary etc. You have to wear something appropriate for each occasion while preserving your individual sense of style.

Your personal style will impact how others perceive you. It can give you a boost in confidence as well. What you should first do when figuring out your personal style is to first research what you like. You can find inspiration online and from fashion magazines. Who are your fashion idols and who do you most recognise yourself with? You may also have other preferences to music, literature, art etc. If you’re a K-pop fan you will notice how the band members identify themselves from the group with their own flair. You can include items that you love in your closet such as K-pop accessories, printed t-shirts of your favourite band, tote bags, arm bands, hair clips, necklaces that are related to a piece of literature you love etc. You can look at how your favourite idols wear clothing to learn how to mix and match certain items to get the right look. 

The next step is looking at what you already have in your closet. If there are items that have never been worn, toss them out. We tend to cling to items that we bought years ago because of sentimentality. You can give away clothing that you don’t use if they still look new. Donating is another good idea. There may be outfits that already conform to your own style. Sort these out into piles. You can organise them according to office wear, evening wear and what you wear at home. Now you can start building up a wardrobe that is truly unique to you.

You have to be smart when you shop as well. Look for offers and discounts online before you go shopping. There are perfect shops dedicated to your interests and favourite bands such as K-pop store online. You may not be able to wear them for formal occasions but for an evening stroll around the city, it will be perfect. You can pair a band t-shirt with some good jeans and light accessories. You will be announcing your love for a certain music, band etc. and you will be able to see how many people recognise the reference. Personalising your t-shirts with a touch of your favourite things is a perfect way of letting out your personality.

Think about what you want to be in five years’ time. Your wardrobe should reflect your creativity and also what you envision for yourself in the future. This is especially important when it comes to office wear. Try to wear something that is chic and professional. You have to have well-fitting and sharp outfits when you have to go for an interview. Just be true to yourself and try to look authentic.