How To Protect Your Feet In The Winter

Your skin is more prone to become dry and dull in the winter. This is mainly because the cold weather dries up the skin. Your feet is the organ that takes the biggest toll in the winter. If you are a person who walks a lot you may be doing so even in the winter season. It is important that you take care of your feet from aches and pains and other issues. Here are few ways that you can take care of your feet.
Be careful of the footwear you select
Foot wear has a big effect on the health of the feet. If you are a person who walks a lot it is important that you buy comfortable shoes. You can invest in some customize Ugg boots and running or walking shoes. These are made to improve the comfort and if you have pain in the feet always it is advised that you consider switching to wearing comfortable foot wear. Also avoid wearing high heeled boots and shoes for a long period of time. Wear them every other day if you must. But make sure you keep at least two days to wear flat shoes and boots.
Wear socks
Most of the time feet gets dirty and too dry when you don’t wear socks with your shoes. Especially when you wear Black Sheepskin Ugg boots there is a fluffy layer and it may feel comfortable to wear without socks but eventually your feet rubs with it and your feet may get damaged and bruised. It is important that you wear a cotton or linen socks to protect the skin on the feet. Wearing silk and other materials may increase the chances of bruising. Also if you go without wearing socks and wear leather shoes you may even get allergic reactions to leather or your feet with stink.
Treat your feet
During the winter you cover your feet most of the time, so it can get bit boiled up in there. It is important that you do a pedicure once a week to make sure you clean your feet and scrub them. Apply plenty of moisturizing cream on the feet before sleep and make sure you do a foot massage at least once in two weeks. It is important to regulate the blood flow in the feet. If you fail to treat your feet, they will eventually be worn out and you will have dry feet, cracked heels etc. To avoid these situations you need to take care of your feet.