Simple Guide For Hospitality Clothing

If your business belongs to the hospitality sector, you should already how important the presentation of your business activities is. In fact, this is the best way to bring in business, as customers will not be able to tell what is happening in the kitchen or behind the counter. So having a great presentation not only helps uphold your reputation, but it is key to keep the profits.While you need to take care to order men’s and good womens uniform shirts that look the part, there are also a few other things to take into consideration to ensure that you are doing a worthwhile investment with your money:

Employee Comfort Level

Employees in the hospitality business, which include anything from restaurants to cafes and high-end hotels, need to do a lot of work each day, and for this, they need some comfortable clothes that allow them to move easily. As such, always make sure to get clothes that favor movement and practicality over, say, some extra motifs or design aspects. Know which areas to improve when ordering your next set of employee clothes.


What’s the point of having nice checkered shirt if they lack pockets to store necessities? Restaurant and hotel staff will definitely require features like this in their clothes, so make sure you pay attention to these little details which, while being insignificant to everybody else, can be a deal breaker for all of your employees.

Presence of Company Branding

Since you will likely want to identify your employees as people working under you, consider including some sort of corporate branding in the outfits. Depending on your tastes, this can either be as subtle as including a small badge or logo or be as significant as making the clothes themed after your company colors. Either way, make sure that the clothes will not be confused with some other company’s branding, or else there would be no point in the branding exercise as a whole.

Ease of Maintaining

Employee clothing will probably see a lot of hard hours of work, which will definitely conclude with the clothes being thoroughly washed to remove stains that have accumulated throughout the day. Due to this, the fabric you select must be both durable and easy to clean, or you will risk having to replace clothes very often. Remember that clothes which are not properly maintained will reflect negatively on your business overall, regardless of whether it is due to negligence on the part of the employees or due to the low quality of the clothes themselves.