The Final Steps Of University Life

It definitely is a tough journey from the start of the degree program to the end, students will have to go through a countless number of tough situations, where time management, team work, leadership and problem solving skills will have to be used wisely. Mastering these skills will help you successfully come to the end of your degree.

The most awaited graduation ceremony that shows different graduation gowns

This glorious day is the day every student is waiting for. On this day, the students will be appreciated for all that they have gone through to earn the degree. This day is the day when all the hard work, pays off. All the students will have to be dressed formally with a graduation gown and a square cap which is called a mortar board because it looks like a hawk used by the brick layers to hold mortar; PhD students will have to wear a soft cap instead of a mortar board. The tassel which is attached to the mortar board will be worn right until the graduands become graduates and after that, the tassel will be switched to the left. The tassel might vary in colour and number; a gold tassel is used for seniors / PhD holders. The slash represents the degree awarded to the candidate and the sleeves of the PhD holders will have three stripes to denote seniority.

Is higher studies the only way for success?

If you’re wondering if higher studies is the only way for success, then the answer for that question is no. Many jobs which need a degree are in high demand from fields like chemical engineering, computing, etc. There are some degrees which will not provide the students with jobs resulting in unemployment of graduates, whereas the only hope of the students is a good career opportunity.

Some people might say that attending a university is a waste of time and money since the most successful businessmen in the world doesn’t have degrees, the best examples are Bill gates, who is a college dropout from Harvard University but also one of the wealthiest men alive. Bill gates and Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft which is the world’s largest PC software; Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, which is the second highest traffic website and Henry Ford, who is a drop out at the age of 16 is the founder of the Ford company. So don’t worry if you’re a dropout, life has other plans for you.

Higher studies will not necessarily bring success but its good to keep in mind that the value of higher education and a degree will never go away and educated people and honoured and has a good place in the society. Moreover, life in university can give experience to face all real life problems.